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Social Media for Business: Let’s Break it Down [Infographic]
Social platforms

It almost seems there’s a new social site popping up every day and sometimes disappearing just as fast. But among the comings and goings, there are a few who’ve managed to stick around and make a name for themselves. Usually, these platforms have seen the value of businesses on their sites and have begun to…

New Facebook Cover Photo Options

Just a quick video to share some of the cool new options Facebook is giving pages for their cover photos.

How to Build Relationships on Your Social Media Page [Small Business]
Social Media

It’s more important than ever to set yourself apart on social media, and we have a way for you to do this without spending a dime. We’re talking about interacting with the friends and followers of your business beyond a regular post. Hootsuite recently posted a blog on “The Things Brands Do on Social Media…

Why We Like Infographics
Computer graphs

You may have been noticing these nifty little things called infographics that are popping up everywhere. Their purpose is simple; they are a visual way to display information so that we may be more inclined to take the time to absorb it. But what is it about these things that many of us find so…

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