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Kim Attends the Northeast Conference on Camping
Northeast Conference on Camping

People may say that conferences are boring… but not with this crowd! In our line of work, we get to meet many amazing business owners, and these camping folks were no exception. Check out Kim’s adventure at the 53rd Annual Northeast Conference on Camping.  

20 Prompts for Quick and Creative Emails
Creative Email Ideas

We all have those moments when our minds just go blank. Every idea you come up with you’ve already done or lacks pizazz. With the help of Constant Contact, we’re bringing you a list of potential prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Your customers want more than promotional emails from your business. Are you giving…

Best Length for your Email Newsletter

We’ve all struggled with the length of an email, whether it be personal or professional. How much is too long? What is considered too short? You want your recipient to be interested enough to read the entire thing but, as we know, that’s not always what happens. Dave Charest, the Senior Manager of Content &…

The Next Generation of Email Marketing
Constant Contact Email Marketing

Constant Contact is rolling out their new email editor! This new editing platform is even more user-friendly than before utilizing drag-and-drop features and one-click mobile preview. But like all change, to those of us used to the previous editor, this new platform may come as a shock and leave us feeling lost. DON’T PANIC. You…

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