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Add Value Without Offering Discounts

We found this wonderful article by Leanne Kennis entitled, “How to Add Value this Holiday Season Without Offering a Discount.” This is a great way for local or small businesses to keep up with big box stores that may find it easier to offer big seasonal savings. Check out the list below for what works…

How to Generate Repeat Business From Your Website

This article, by Miranda Paquet, Content Manager at Constant Contact, highlights some ways you can really cash in on the people visiting your website. Just because someone clicks on your link doesn’t mean they’re going to buy your service or product. As a partner of Constant Contact, we can help you with these ideas. Check…

November 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

This article, written by Constant Contact Content Manager Miranda Paquet, highlights some key things you should be thinking about for the month of November. It’s the start of the big holiday rush and we want you to be prepared. The holiday season is right around the corner and your customers are primed and ready to…

4 Tips and Tricks to be a Facebook Pro

4 Tips and Tricks That Will Make You Feel Like a Facebook Pro: Now-a-days even Nana is on Facebook, but just because you’re on Facebook, doesn’t mean you’re good at Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I’m consistently blown away by the many online underdogs of baby boomer+ generations. My mother for instance, who once (and…


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